Everyone has a story. If you’ve walked this earth for a few decades, chances are you have several stories. Widening the Aperture is my story about a deceased aunt, a bequeathed collection of kaleidoscopes, and my journey to master the art of taking photographs of the interior of those scopes. Just to be clear, anyone can take a photo of the interior of a kaleidoscope; it isn’t rocket science. But it was my desire to go well beyond the limits of what anyone else had ever done.

So, here follows the painful process of trial and error until, Eureka! For the first time ever, I will be showing the countless takes and re-takes towards not just getting it right, but getting it perfect. It took many years, for sure, and in the early days, countless rolls of film. The digital camera soon replaced the mountain of negatives I had piling up in the corner of my studio. Before long, I was able to produce images worth a second look.

I am pleased to be able to share a side of kaleidoscope artistry which has not been explored to the extent I feel it deserves. The images I’ve taken in the past three years is contemporary art as no one has seen before, and because of the nature of kaleidoscopes, can never be produced again. But first, we have to see the photos that make up the foundation upon which my best work to date has been built. Brace yourselves — it’s not a pretty sight.

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